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Not just another hot sauce, Toad Sweat created the category of Dessert Hot Sauce!  

Toad Sweat Hot Sauces are a unique combination of all natural fruit flavors with a habanero finish developed for ice cream and cheesecake! Key Lime, Chocolate Orange, Cranberry and Lemon Vanilla are all natural, contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol and will surprise and delight your palate.

Available in 5 ounce bottles (individually and in sets). To buy our sauces, please visit HotSauce.Com, the Pepper Palace or Peppers. Visit our recipe page for many examples as suggested by Toad Sweat fans or submit your own recipe (replace the “at” with @ in the email address).

Thank you for your interest in the products of Peppered Palette and please don't hesitate to ask your local hot shop retailer for Toad Sweat!  If they don't carry it, have them contact us and we will get it to them. Also, we have it in gallon size for your favorite spicy restaurant to use on their own creations. Contact us for more information on restaurant product (change the at to @ in your email program).

Toad Sweat is carried in specialty foods shops across the US and Canada. If your local shop doesn’t presently stock Toad Sweat, please have them contact Hot Shots Distributors, the Pepper Palace or Peppers.

Are you a fan of Toad Sweat? Go to your favorite specialty food store, ice cream shop, smoothie shop and suggest that they carry Toad Sweat. Have them place their order by contacting us by email at wholesale (at) toadsweat.com or by phone toll free at 1-866-829-9171 and we will make sure they receive our sauces as well as providing you with a tee shirt as an expression of our thanks.

Have a wonderfully spicy day!